Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This Quarter: Remote Sensing

This quarter at UC Davis, I'm in a remote sensing class.  The lab instructs on use of ENVI software and principals of remote sensing.  Yes, ENVI is powerful.  No, it does not have a modern interface.  I keep thinking I'm using some throw-back MOTIF graphical user interface.  ENVI has mile-long menus.  This is the only software I've used in recent history that has no obvious organization, and seemingly, very similar submenu categories.  But alas, it appears to be one of the standard software packages for remote sensing, and so I will learn it well.  Too bad ITT charges $200 for an academic license and their website is a nightmare from yesteryear.  ESRI, at least, has an awesome program to encourage use of its software: students in GIS courses taught by in-the-know Professors typically get free one year licenses.  What's up, ITT?

It is unfortunate that  out of thirty students, I appear to be the only geologist taking the course.  I am so very confused about that.  In fact, it is also rare that geology students take GIS courses.  So my job prospects look pretty bright, if this is the rule and not the exception.

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