Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dip Direction and Dip stdout patch for LidarViewer

If you have used LidarViewer or are about to for taking measurements of bed attitude, you might be interested in a little patch I have.  It outputs the dip direction and dip to the Terminal when taking attitude measurements in LidarViewer (using the Strike and Dip primitive).

This is important because the dip direction and dip numbers can be obscured by point cloud data and so one has to waste time manipulating the world to find the numbers.

Download patch (right click and Save As in your LidarViewer2.5 directory)

Apply by saving into the LidarViewer-2.5/ directory and using:
patch -p1 -i diprdirdip_stdout.patch

Then recompile using make.

I do not warrant this patch. Use at your own risk and remember that I really dislike C++, so I may have broken some rules and made computer scientists cry :-)

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