Monday, February 7, 2011

OSXStereonet 1.0.0 Released

N. Cardozo and R. Allmendinger has released a brand new version of Stereonet called OSXStereonet.  With a new name, this release is version 1.0.0.  It makes use of modern OS X interface and display frameworks.  You can now export to EPS and PDF.  In fact, you can drag and drop your stereonet plots onto the desktop.  Nice.

The software makes use of the Inspector interface, doing away with the Preferences menu.  In the Inspector you can set how the stereonet displays, tweak symbology,  and adjust Kamb contour parameters.

In addition, data now plots as you enter them within a brand new data editor interface.  Results for calculations are detailed in another panel.  You can load multiple datasets and turn them on and off at any time.

The data file format has changed slightly though older data format from the previous generation of Stereonet should import.  However, I had issues with importing trend and plunge with the plunge and quadrant format (trends didn't show up) I used for Stereonet 6.3.3.

This looks like a slick release!

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