Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Quarter, 2011

I have begun class at UC Davis.  This means I will not be scripting unless there is a great reason to do so.  However, I may script calculations that are often repeated (such as equations of the Mohr Circle from last quarter).

In addition to the second part of structural geology, I'm taking another formal GIS course that focuses on concepts and methods.  It doesn't hurt to improve my formal coursework.

I am also taking Geologic Oceanography / Marine Geology.

For Structural Geology lab, I will try to use GRASS and QGIS whenever possible.  However, since I have access to a very modern GIS lab (all but Arc 10), I may just appease the folks at Redlands, CA this quarter.

But already I have a GRASS location for Rainbow Basin, and I've looked at the data using nvis.  The dataset includes 2009 NAIP imagery (Cal-Atlas), a LiDAR DEM product (OpenTopography!), and a USGS DRG (Cal-Atlas). We'll see how much use that location will get.  I hope to use r.profile this quarter and my ApparentDip script.

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