Friday, January 21, 2011

Stereonet Apps

For OS X, there is a stereonet app called Stereonet, by R. W. Allmendinger.  It is a little long in the tooth but it works great for plotting massive amounts of planes and lines.  It can also do a best cylindrical fit, Kamb contours, plot poles, get intersections, rotate your data, and a heck of a lot more.  It also exports to PICT using vectors: nice for use in Illustrator or your preferred vector editing application.  Highly recommended for geologists of all levels.

If I were a masochist (Objective C isn't my cup of tea), I'd code a Stereonet App for iOS.  It'd be beautiful on the iPad!  And I wouldn't charge anything for it.

Maybe this summer...


  1. Here is another one, which is Free (as in freedom), open-source, and runs on any operating system:

  2. How about the web? I don't have an ipad (yet), but I think it should work on it (works on my phone - ish):

    Doesn't have all the features of the one you talked about, but it is a lot more interactive, completely 3D, and no download!