Sunday, December 19, 2010

Topo Profile: The Next Script

I'll be scripting a topo profile extractor based on cross section lines of arbitrary geometry.  It'll have the ability to scale how many elevation points you want based on distance between points.  Eventually it might find some use in conjunction with my apparent dip script (e.g., another column in the output with the apparent dip value, so it can be plotted as a marker with distance).

It should be pretty painless.  I've downloaded (for fun) a tiny slice of point cloud data for the El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake rupture from OpenTopography.  I'll be testing cross section lines across that slice.  It's a good set since there are areas where there's no data (I didn't fill the nulls).

I think the goal of my winter is to simply script the tools to make life easier for the next two quarters.

And have fun while doing it :-0

I should note that the El Mayor data is affiliated with UC Davis.  Cool.

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