Monday, December 6, 2010

GIS and Cross Sections

I had the realization that a python script could take all your strike and dip data, project the strikes out some distance from each point, intersect a cross section line, find the apparent dip using the dip attribute from the S/D feature class, and provide distances along that section line to each projected strike along with apparent dips in a table.  I do believe that a QGIS plugin that does this would be extremely handy.  Heck, it might be handier yet to allow extracting a topographic profile along that section line too.

Sounds like a good winter project.  And it would save a load of time later on.


  1. That would be a cool project. Can you keep me posted if you do such a project?

    cgs_bob (same name on irc at

  2. I can keep you posted; I really hope to script this before class starts for winter quarter. I don't know why I'm not on #qgis, I'm often on freenode (kuril).