Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Apparent Dip Script Initial Release

I've made the Apparent Dip script much more robust.  Get the latest gzip'd tarball here with my test datasets.  It requires Python with OGR.  I'll probably license it under the GPL (haven't really thought about it).

It is very cool though still not very polished and has a few caveats (read the commented code).

I think I've solved some of the obvious and easiest problems.

Brown lines are projected strike lines.  Magenta is the cross section line.  The apparent dip in the red box has its information shown in the dialog.

adip is the calculated apparent dip.  Dipdir, strike, and tdip (true dip) are copied from the original strike and dip and are really only useful for cross referencing or checking validity of the calculated apparent dip.  xsec is the name of the cross section and xsecaz is the azimuth of the cross section approximately where the projected strike line crosses.


  1. Hi Ryan, I'd like to try out your script but am not sure how to load it into QGIS 1.8... any advice you could give me?

  2. Hi Ryan: the script does not require QGIS 1.8, just OSGEO's OGR library and python. It should still work but I haven't had any time to maintain it. It also had some problems calculating apparent dip from strikes and dips of a certain orientation.

  3. Thanks for getting back to me. I was able to get the script to run with the provided sample data in Ubuntu w/GDAL installed, though there were some errors after creating the projections. I'm not really sure what I'm doing so it could just be something I'm doing.

    Since you included comments in the code, I think I may take a shot at customizing it a little bit. Not sure how that will work out but if I have any progress I'll let you know. Thanks for the script.