Monday, November 8, 2010

Open Stratigraphy Log

While I took sedimentology, I created a stratigraphic log using Inkscape.

I forgot about it until now.  It is based on the Nichols (2009) stratigraphy log, but I added a column meant for recording GPS waypoints, photo numbers, and other notes.   This form is field tested.

Download the Stratigraphy Log as a (PDF) (SVG -- for editing the log).

Use and misuse however you like, but please try to keep the attributions somewhere on the log. :-)

It look a lot of time to get this log right and so I really hope it is useful to anyone recording section in the field.  Let me know!

Note: I think the log is different enough from Nichols' that I'm releasing it under Creative Commons Attribute-By. So feel free to modify for your own use! I will revise it on occasion but this is a fairly solid product (though the form does intrude into the right-hand 1" margin, but most printers can handle that!)

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