Friday, November 12, 2010

Carrizo Plain

Tomorrow, November 13, I will be heading out with my structural geology I class to Carrizo Plain National Monument.

I have no idea what the agenda is, but you can bet the San Andreas 1857 scarp will be involved.  There examples of pressure ridges, sag ponds, beheaded and displaced channels, anticlines, synclines, marine sediments, fluvial sediments, and so much more.  

I'll have my Canon G11 and a GPS receiver so that I can spatially correlate images by time.  

Since I have no idea what the agenda is, I made two simple maps: north and south Carrizo Plain.  They use a mosaic of the Taft and Cayuma 30x60 minute USGS quads and have a graticule in NAD83 UTM 11N (thanks to QGIS 1.6 Trunk).  I reprojected the DRGs into NAD 83 UTM 11N so that the graticule will be compatible with my GPS.  The great news about Zone 11N is that the west standard line is so very close to our field location.  I can take comfort in *very* minimal scale distortion :-)  The declination, by the way, on November 13 at the field area, will be 13.13 degrees.

If I had more time, I'd find my 8 Gb micro-SD card (probably impossible) and load OpenStreetMap data along with for the area contours.

Anyway, it should be a nice weekend if the weather cooperates.  We'll be learning how to map structures.  I hope that the agenda is such that I won't be sprinting traverses...

A report will follow this overnight trip.

By the way, I got to sit in on a career retrospective brown-bag by Dr. Eldridge Moores today.  

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