Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blender and Geology

Anyone out there ever use Blender to help solve or visualize geologic problems?  I suspect it would be handy in structural geology.  It is scriptable: Python!

I once tried to make a fence diagram using processed seismic imagery from the NRPA (National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska) in Blender, but given the lack of time I had, I failed miserably.  The idea was to see how strata may correlate between shot lines.  This was for a Basin Analysis class.

Eventually I gave up and did it the old fashioned way.  Results from that were apparently pretty good!


  1. Hi. I'm just a 3D hobbyist with ties to mineral exploration. I've been working at making Blender a part of my workflow as I learn to handle GIS data.

    Right now, using a script called YADEMI, which uses GDAL to move USGS DEM's into Blender. First, I use 3DEM to change projection, combine and crop the DEM's.

    I've just been learning QGIS and it looks like all my georeferencing will be in that program, and that I'll be using it to produce my textures for Blender.

    I had some interest from a geologist in the field regarding using Blender to build models of drill holes, & am hoping to build a script that will take in drill hole data & build drill holes that could be used to build subterranean structure models.

    Right now I'm waiting on another geologist to send me sample data from soil sample grids. I'd like to write a script to present colour coded sample points from mineral concentrations.

    The last piece of software in my personal software pipeline is Wirefusion which produces Java VR viewable in a web browser. This allows someone to play with the model and view it from many angles without the huge rendering delays I experience in Blender.

    Hope that's an interesting response. All the best.

  2. I'll have to amend that. It looks like SAGA is replacing QGIS, as it's reliable & very capable for what I seem to need so far.

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