Friday, February 19, 2010

The Generic Geologist

I am not going to be a generic geologist.  I took optical mineralogy, or "how to use the petrographic microscope", but I will not be taking the other petrology courses.  Instead, I am aiming for a Bachelor's of Arts in Geology with a mixture of other, perhaps equally  important, classwork.

To offset the fact that I won't be experienced in determining the exact igneous or metamorphic rock based on modes of minerals, I'll be focusing on sedimentology.  I am also focusing on the environmental aspects of geology.  Finally, I have developed a program to cluster GIS coursework.

I do not plan on staying in academia.  I think I will be quite satisfied as a field technician with a plethora of knowledge and skills that are ancillary to geology.  

The BA allows me to explore all kinds of areas without spending time in courses learning skills that flood the marketplace.  It is a valid reason, though it does certainly have drawbacks.  However I am willing to accept those drawbacks for a different career path.

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