Friday, February 26, 2010

Canon G11

The Canon G11 has fantastic macro abilities, very reasonable noise at high ISO, and a great lens.  For those three reasons, I highly recommend it for taking field photos in nearly any conditions.  Of course, a bonus feature is RAW which means you, as the geologist, can adjust pictures using a very wide range of available tones.  Why use a 8bit JPEG burned with white balance and tone curves when you can have unadulterated *nearly* 16bit RAW?  Besides, posterization is unacceptable and JPEG is king of that.

One problem of the G11:  At 6.1mm (28mm film), the lens does distort light at the fringes; that's typical.  However, Digital Photo Professional, included with the camera, fixes that in a pinch with minimal cropping.

If you still need convincing of RAW, please see 
Ron Bigelow's incredible website.  Particularly, see "Why RAW."  Leave JPEGs for the party at camp.

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